Incoming Call from Abstract Sculpture



10;04 min 

If the sculptures in the public space could talk, what would they say? In my video work “Incoming Call from Abstract Sculpture” I literally give the works of art a voice. The project is based on four site-specific sculptures, created for Aalborg in 1967 by four Polish sculptors: Marian Bogusz, Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz, Bronisław Kierzkowski and Magdalena Więcek. Artists came to Denmark to carry out this special project in collaboration with Aalborg Shipyard. They placed the sculptures intently in the urban framework of a newly built modernist district. Over time, the changes in the sculptures’ materiality and their location unfortunately obscured creators’ initial intentions. Recently, one of the sculptures was separated from the others and moved from Grønlandskvarter to Nørresundby.

In my work, I bring the sculptures together via a zoom video conference. The artworks  talk about their origins, life on the streets and their complex identity. Their dialogue is complemented by stories from Aalborgers who tell about the encounter with the sculptures in the urban space.

The video work was projected on the 27th August 2021, under the Limfjord Bridge in Nørresundby, next to the modernist sculpture “Flyvende Tallerkner” by Magdalena Więcek.